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If there are fire extinguishers in your building, these must also be maintained. The maintenance of the fire extinguishers is prescribed by the building decree, the ARBO law and the fire insurance. Bravo Brandveiligheid is a KIWA - NCP REOB approved maintenance company and performs maintenance on the fire extinguishers in accordance with NEN 2559 and the maintenance instructions from the manufacturers.

Which fire extinguishers can we maintain

In addition to our own brand of fire extinguishers, we also maintain all brands and types of fire extinguishersm other suppliers and manufacturers. You can contact us for maintenance of CO2, powder, foam and fat fire extinguishers. The maintenance is carried out in accordance with NEN 2559 and the maintenance instructions from the supplier or manufacturer. The fire extinguishers are changed annually maintained and depending on the type of extinguishing agent, the fire extinguisher is changed every 5 or 10 years extensively maintained or overhauled. The extinguishing agent is also replaced and CO2 is added extinguishers extorted every 10 years because these are pressure vessels. Because our technicians are widely trained, we can also maintain your fire hose reels, first aid cases, emergency lighting and dry fire pipes.

Lease fire extinguishers

In addition to selling and maintaining fire extinguishers, you can also lease your fire extinguishers. For a fixed amount per year you have access to a maintained fire extinguisher. All the prescribed annual maintenance, the 5 or 10 annual replacement of the extinguishing agent and the overhaul are included in the lease amount. You only have extra costs if you have used a fire extinguisher. If you have used a fire extinguisher, it will be refilled and made ready for use again. We can also offer first aid cases and AEDs in the lease.

Our maintenance technicians

Our technicians are all in possession of the REOB diploma for small extinguishers and are compulsory retraining every year. In addition, they also have the VCA diploma. This guarantees the quality of the maintenance. During the inspection, our technicians not only maintain the fire extinguishers, they also actively monitor fire safety in general.


Would you like to know more about maintaining fire extinguishers, would you like advice or a quote? Please contact an employee of Bravo Brandveiligheid on 015-3642969 or via the
contact form and let us inform you without obligation about our possibilities.

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